On a cold and wintry mid-November morning in 2015, Lassa stepped into Caseus Fromagerie and donned an apron. It was a lull period in the holiday rush (typical for cheese shops) and there was a fully stocked counter to familiarize with, a wise thing to do before lines of customers began to form. The shop’s manager, Sylvia, was taking a chance, assuming that Lassa could do this work and that her son, Jason, hadn’t laden her with more of a problem than a helper. But soon, it became clear that this was going to be fun – and surprising. “Are you two sisters?” one customer asked, and Sylvia and Lassa looked at each other and burst into laughter. Later that same day, another customer asked the same question.

High foreheads, robust noses and earlobe-length, wavy hair: we did look similar. But more importantly, we were happy to be there and loved what we were doing.  Always fascinated by cheese, eager to taste and share it with others, immediately trusting each other as we wielded sharp knives.





Sylvia loves food. It was impossible not to, with her deep Italian roots. When her son, Jason, opened Caseus Fromagerie and Bistro in New Haven in 2008, her passion for cheese was reignited – and she took over the shop’s management with glee. Sylvia’s 20+ years of hands-on work as an occupational therapist in CT has made her keenly skilled in how to work with a wide variety of people in different settings as well as how to teach and train. She brings together her skills and passions with Complements, with cheese as a lynch pin for bringing people together, education, and delicious problem-solving. She is a multi-generation New Haven native.


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Lassa loves cheese. It snagged her palate when she was 19 years old and she’s been an avid proponent of dairy ever since, in all forms. A devoted traveler, she’s lived and worked at cheese counters across the globe, opened and operated a cheese shop in Napa Valley (Oxbow Cheese Merchant, still going strong), dived into food writing over 20 years ago and co-founded/co-owns the general consumer cheese magazine culture in 2008. Cheesemakers, farmers and food producers are her true love. She returned to her native New Haven in 2016.


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